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The time has come we will send
Your legions doomed to meet their end
There's no way out, nowhere to run
Our triumph blossoms in the sun
The ground turned red, by Roman blood
Your leaders died by their own sword
A warning for all time
Don't set your flag on our land, we'll never kneel
Defeated by barbarian tribes, now does it feel
Your pride and joy lie shattered at our feet
At Teutoburg ground - Vae Victis
- Where empires bleed
See me now, first of my tribe
As destiny is on my side
Fight for freedom, Cherusci rise
Gaze right into your enemies' eyes
We built a wall to hold them back
The Romans face our last attack
Here where it shall end
At Teutoburg grounds
Sacrificed in our holy groves
Remains preserved in time
Your empire bleeds
At Teutoburg grounds

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Arminius: Furor Teutonicus

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