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Hip-Hop - lyrics

Peace, respect, unity and fun
a large common flag.
One Spirit, Billy Noten drums for a while,
I want to say that I have it, what I can not buy,
I've had enough for all of you and I want to share with you! "Hip-Hop"
Good evening ladies and gentlemen, this is a "Hip-Hop"
just follow what it says is "Hip-Hop."
A young rebel with a microphone that is called "Hip-Hop"
culture of the street and it is "Hip-Hop."
Peace, love, unity and fun it is "Hip-Hop"
community, a big band that's "Hip-Hop"
Fashion, business, art is "Hip-Hop"
gestures, slang, it's dope "Hip-Hop."
I just want to express themselves,
I do not want to hide, I intend to be myself.
This is my shit, I know each other,
Jeep at the same time earn, how old I am flying arrow.
I am the Hip-Hop and no sheep, no hag,
I have tiger, are not governed by what is managed by your herd.
Exercise their right to freedom to say yes,
I used to be deaf and blind, but that is very long.
I am Hip-Hop and know how to primer,
on the first page is, does not stand a weak car.
Does not stand a weak piece, it is not hanky panky,
it's science, every attempt requires focus.
Soul, funk, reggae, I'll have another Jeger,
smile as Mick Jagger, Spirit is old swager.
Scene as I lift jack, I'm still hungry rapper,
most young rebel had ever been and my plan is still burning
cool to me champagne, I live therefore I make, so is my status.
Even if that was, whatever
Cavo as his, I'll fuck drums
until you understand yourself as a "Hip-Hop"
Hip to what you know, it's foundation, Hip gives you wings
You gain them with detachment, you see things as they are.
And not what seemed to be, should be,
you have to capture the truth, do not help alibi.
Hop that's what you do, the more you know,
Jing Jang old jackets to know yourself well.
Drina, practice, then it can start
talent is a big pussy for you, if you do not know toil.
Be Hip-Hop at the beginning was the word
few who MC is, but many rappers.
DJ is the man what play the music,
playing with the turntable, to entertain the audience.
B-boy is lietajúci rubber boy
salt, freeze, Capoeira is more than dance.
A graffiti has a history far
walls are already painted in caves in prehistoric times.
And still there is ... "Hip-Hop"

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