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It came like a black cloud rolling through the sky.
Without warning I had to learn the truth.
As the book was closed we all knew it was his turn to die,
and I was to be cruelly evicted from my youth.
That first day of summer I unveiled the secrets of Doom,
and I walked with legion of Demons by my side.
My whole world fell into the void in his funeral room,
caressed by summer's gentle breeze I cried.
My God, I can't conceive.
Why was he torn from me?
Death is all that I see when I observe the world we have built,
and Death is the majesty we all have to face.
But you my God are the one and your word is fulfilled
as we sleep under peaceful shade of your grace.
Until that I just weep
waiting for eternal sleep.
How can I carry on,
stand up and see the sun?
Oh, you can help me to make it through.
I shall put my trust in you.
I trust in you.

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