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So Many Voices - lyrics

[Verse 1]
If I were you, I'd run away
Closin' your eyes and count to ten
Bird in the sky, peace in your mind
Closin' the door on yesterday
So many voices
So many voices
[Verse 2]
If I was me, weight on my back
Feelin' the sun upon my eyes
Where would I turn? What would I burn?
I am a pawn within your hands
So many voices
So many voices
[Verse 3]
Leavin' my youth, leavin' my truth
Carvin' in my blood into the stone
Lesser of two, either you lose
Or you come out and be alone
So many voices
There's so many choices
So many voices
[Verse 4]
What do I do? Where do I turn?
Even my screams cease to be heard
Lesser of two
Either you lose
Or you are bound to be alone
So many choices

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