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Roses - lyrics

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Hey yo triple X flow
Still facts though
Fans retro, hands F though
Shaking, mind is awaking
Don't judge her from the drugs that she taking
Abbreviation coco
Generation nostra
Ain't a rapper, you're poser
Me? I'm posted on a poster
Blood, did it told how's go
And if they find me, they'll leave me sore
Then, they need me? No
Mescaline, morphine, methazine, codein
I own like a motherfucker
I don't get along with them other fuckers
I don't sing a song like them other suckers
Bitch is a sucker down for whatever
Mother soft leather,(?) rapper
Could they see me? Never
I'm from the north side of Slickville
You adress me Rick Hil
I'm really gettin' shit still
(Refrén 2x)
These are roses
We are bleeding
You don't need to
We get even

I gotta get away
I gotta get away
I gotta get away
I gotta get away
Listen lover, it's dangerous
Around here at level, this is angel dust

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