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Help me Lord
I won’t do this all alone
I say welcome to the motherfuckin’
Jungle, man
Where hopes and dreams feel 
bittersweet once you bath in it
Me? Let me swim in ignorance,
you wanna win
How the fuck did
I end up with scars all on my wrist?
I wanna be like the ones that I praise
What’s the price to pay?
Lil’ boy wanna play
with the Timbs and the Ye’s
He’s so blind,
he’s so passionate,
he’s in his haste
Life is so beautiful
when you fight for your dreams
Didn’t know me, begging for help
You can’t do shit so all on myself
You ain’t got time
You ain’t got skills
Or you don’t really want to
cuz me no got no bread
I wanna be blind again
Unfold my soul to the only thing I’m good at
And believe in utopias without crashing in pain
‘Cause I had no money in my pockets
But my head was full of them dreams
I thought I knew the story
Goddamn the real one’s far too mean
I had no money in my pockets
But my head was full of them dreams
So help me Lord
It’s time again
I run like I never did
Yema say!
Oohh, oohh
Oohh, oohh
He just wanna be like nobody else
He just wanna be loved for what he is
Fuck up the game,
‘fore you fuck up like this
Better do what you said,
if you say what you think
Pull up in the race
They don’t want to see you win
Depending on nobody
but I’m enslaved to my sins
I’ll never be the same
Never really knew myself
It’s- It’s a marathon
Do I do know when it will end ?
Which one do you wish for me, bish
“Why do you preach for?”
“Please never switch, you a real one!”
Rich boy,
will he rejoin what he reached for?
Still fresh out the Sheol,
wasn’t shit tho
Ready or not
You and your soul
will be introduced into the Jungle
You will never go back
and every choice you’ve ever made now
belongs to the past
So far it has been a long
and winding road but you’re still miles
and miles away from your final destination
All the blood, sweat and tears you shed
All the sacrifices you’ve made
were premises of your own journey
Your psyche is now weaker than ever,
but your mind was built never to fall apart
You will trust the Maktub and the time
that has been given back to you
And without further ado
Oohh, oohh
Oohh, oohh
Welcome to the jungle

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Welcome To The Jungle

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