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All Wells Are Poisoned - lyrics

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We see a life divine
far from damp hearts
a well of all delight
They wash their unclean hands
with grinning mouths
we see their hateful smiles
Where the rabble drinks
all wells are poisoned
And many a man has seen the wild
and suffered with the beasts
And many a man who turned away
has only turned away from this flock of birds
with dust filled eyes
A crowd has gathered 'round as we march away
from the endless squabbling mass
They tear at our feet with crippled hands
and jealous black eyes
They know they're not worthy of us
To find our well of life
we made to travel the highest mountain
And upon there we did see
our home above and the rabble did not drink
For their scourge did fall beyond our reach
We won't share the fountain
the flame the fruit
we will die fighting them off
To this castle of our spirit
shall the eagles bring food
with the wolves defending them
Where the rabble drinks
all wells are poisoned

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