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Cash Money feat. Savannah Brown - lyrics

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Everyone knew she was in charge
Money flowing from her pockets
Cash money
Out of the money pant suit, her wallet fell to the ground
She didn’t care
Cash money
She saw it in the tea, she saw it in the faces of the folk
She saw it in the egg, she saw it in the yolk
Cash money
Money for breakfast, money for brunch,
Money for dinner, and food for lunch
Cash mummy
Someone showed her a coin she didn’t know what it was
She didn’t see the faces on the notes
Cash money
She heard it in the wind, she heard in the big big breeze,
She heard it in the rain and the creaking of the knees
But they said, what of the fields?
What of the sky?
What about the long grass and the dragonflies
What about the talks with everyone you know?
And she said
Well, that’s all nice
But what about the dollar
What about the dough?
What about basking in the moolah afterglow?
With no dog and no puss, she stroked the abacus
Cash money
And in her dreams, she is swimming
In an ocean of dollars
In an ocean of dollars
In an ocean of dollars

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