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Don´t fall to pieces babe
On this lonely stage
You´re a character
Turned runaway
Don´t fall to pieces babe
You know we´re all the same
We want our problems solved
Its why we get involved
But I notice every time
I´m the fool you run to
When the latest on the line
Aint what its cracked up to be
And I know what you´re going to say
I know your storyline, storyline
Girl meets boy the she runs away
Across a borderline, borderline
Annd I know the roll you want me to play
I´m the fool you run to
Cause every time you fall to pieces babe
It´s the same old storyline
The same old line
Your expectations babe
Are far too great
Aint a man I know who can bare the load
And every tragedy merely punctuates
Your happiness so I anticipate
I know, story, unsed to love your stories,oh not now
Tell me stories.
But now, no not now
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