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Only When I Dream - lyrics

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Only When I Dream
To every day there’s a history
To every love that’s lost there is tragedy
I saved a vision of you in my head
Watched a new universe being born, raised and bred
In the calm of my bed
Some might say it’s over now
I don’t believe them
If I only got to you
I’d prove I’m right
Only when I dream
I hear you, I’m near you
I hold you close to me
Only when I dream
I touch you and I breathe you
I feel you deep inside me
Things were never easy for me
In the temple we built to stay sacred and free
I came lookin’ for more self esteem
All I found was your voice
On the answering machine
Simple and clean
Some might say it’s too far gone
I don’t believe them
If I could only talk to you
I’d prove I’m right
Only when I dream...
I tried to catch a butterfly
I tried to make God’s summer sky
Heal me
Rain exploding in my face
Seems to fade without a trace
Heal me

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