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This song's by somebody called Tupac Shakur
I've never heard of him,
but I guess he's got a movie comin' out,
called "Notorius", so...
Let's go back to the 1980's!
Yeah, come on, come on
It's 1980,
I wake up in the morning, wearing Spandex
Is John Lennon living or his ass get dish?
I got a GameBoy in my fanny pack
It's goes well with my member's only jacket
That Captain Planet is a hero
That show brought my IQ down to zero
Cast of Different Strokes gettin' death threats
Couple less, open your mouth for the Pez dispenser
Donatelo and his ninjas gettin' down karate
Three ninjas whoopin' ass with Mr. Eogy
I guess Bob Marley's dead
But we still got a million white dudes with dreads
And we'll probably see OJ sent to jail,
before we see a black president
What's a dude gonna do with a Rubix cube?
And someone tell me what the hell is a Power Ranger?
Can't a brother get some Cosby's?
Stephanie got the bullet off of Uncle Jessie
I wanna go back to watch a movie
With the rat-at-at-pack
That's the 80's
That's just the 80's
We ain't ever heard of AIDS
That's just the 80's
What's crack?
That's just the 80's
We ain't ever heard of AIDS
What's crack?

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