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Whiskey And You - lyrics

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Always there
When my world starts closing in
Something to hold
No matter how long it's been
Gets me high
Then knocks me to the ground
Soothes my mind
And then begins to break me down
Whiskey and you
Ain't nothing I can do
But come crawling back to
Whiskey and you
I never asked you to love me
I never begged you to stay
But I never want you to leave me
I wouldn't have it any other way
[Repeat Chorus]
As darkness finds the candle
And the flame stops flickering
Girl I know and I hope
It won't be too long
'Til we light it up again
[Repeat Chorus]
Whiskey and you
There ain't nothing, there ain't nothing I can do
But I keep crawling, I keep coming back to
Whiskey and you

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Charleston, SC 1966

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