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Broken silence - lyrics

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This is a story of things done right
Brave men and women who fought for freedom in our land
Franco in power things were not getting any better
So the only choice was partisan warfare
Many had to run to the countryside
Others were coming back from fighting nazis in France
Joining those who escaped fascist jails
Ready to show this was not wars end
We won't forget how you tried To destroy them risking your own lifes Never stopped to defy Who made you cry
Up in the mountains you hide Waiting for the next time to strike With the strength of the just
Till your last breath you did fight Carrying a new world in your hearts
Yes, we owe you so much
Broken silence!
Although radio and press treated them as bandits
Civil guard, police, army and traitors were their only targets
When bastards knew they were somewhere near
Punished the peasants with torture and fear
Hated by the enemy, ignored by the allies
Now they were alone, still fighting with no flags or banners
Times of pain, they fought with violence
Seventy years, we still break the silence
Up in the mountains...
(times of fear, times of violence Times when you did not keep quiet Nameless heros, we remember your fight)

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