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When you walk through hell every single day
And when the wounds hurt more in your soul than in your flesh
When the other kids always look away
And not fitting into their cannons was your only sin
When distress and fear stab you in the back
And lonely corridors have turned into dangerous traps
When the flame of your childhood is about to fade out
And they've stolen the hope that you kept in your backpack
A potential suicidal just fourteen years old
Don't let it happen anymore, no bullying anymore
When impotence pierces your little heart
And when you welcome the alarm of the playground with cries of pain
When you've lost the strength to get up every day
And the idea of ending it all up goes through your brain
When they educate through discrimination
And when the little kids are being taught to be part of the state
See them on the papers and the radio station
Showing they conmiserate with the victims of those they create
A potential suicidal ...
(Face the abuse, beat the bully, don't let them bring you down Be brave and stand your ground)

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