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Another Fight - lyrics

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Born into a world
Of sorrow and war
You stand to live alone
Future cannot see
The Power of law
It's set to have control
Walking into the city
When nightmare is on
I'm scared of this giant show
I had enough
This day I won't fall
I'll raise my hand above
Fighting alone
Fighting alone
Fighting the battle of my life
Uh yeah!
Blasting through the streets
On Saturday Night
I've got to find a way
Drinking beer and blood
When Everyone stares
Tonight I will dare
Facing all my fears
I'm giving it all
When the lights are cold
Metal to the bone
I'm not crumbling alone
The law won't stop me
I'm not alone
I'm not alone
Fighting the battle of my life
I'll win Another Fight
Look Out!
Another Fight!

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