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The Temple of Doom - lyrics

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Disgrace and mourn reign in Mayapore
Mola Ram came to steal Shive stone
Children enslaved to worship Thuggee cult
Desperate cries to feed Kali Ma
Mola Ram fight to take over the world
In the myth of Sankara he needs all five stones
One man now stands to fight the evil priest
Set free the children and stones of the myth
Slaughters and cries, human Sacrifice
Laughter and lies in Pankot Alcazar
He never believed the young Marajah
Unveiling to sun the plan of Mola
Anger and fury run through his heart
To the river of death defying the friar
Tell he betrayed the great god Shiva
The evil man now fall into hell
The Mayapore's curse now is finally end
Slaughters and cries, human Sacrifice
I'm alone in the Temple of Doom
And the Gods hope they won't let me die
I'm alone in the Temple of Doom
All alone but they won't hear me cry

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