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Hokage rap cypher - lyrics

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[Hashirama - Rustage]
Cuz I'm the OG
Ain't nobody be messing with me
My legacy echoes through centuries
Mention my name
The hokage
The founder of the Hidden Leaf
Upping the heat
Wood release
Healing my wounds I can never be beat
Victory? Easily
Work like machinery
Meeting the god of the
Shi - no - bi
I grew up fighting
But working my way to peace
You grew up spiting
And crying bout your beliefs
Battle me
I'm bout to be the baddest in the land
Had a beef with Madara
But made him understand
Ain't nobody toppin'
I'm rockin with my commands
Gonna make a stand
Several thousand hands
Absorbin your chakra
I'm on ya
Regretting you'd came home
Dishonor my people
You're feeble compared to my sage mode
Repping my squad
The gate of the great god
Bout to show you what the seven hokages are made of
[Tobirama - NoneLikeJoshua]
Man that's the toughest act to follow
Second hokage of Konoha
Yeah it's Tobirama
Test my will of fire
Then I summon dragon water on ya
I don't call the cops on ninjas
I'm just hiring all Uchihas
I don't like those ninjas
Cursed since they were babies
But look I got one as a student
For diversity training
Don't mean to sound like a ninjist but...
Madara, Obito, Itachi, Sasuke
Certain on exterminating
Surely I ain't hating
See I'm that fastest ninja
Flying raijin to ya
And I taught him
Everything he knew
But Minato
My shadow clone
So don't be trynna fool us
Tsunade failed the Leaf
Okay but that's a woman
Rise from the dead and then I kill again
Cuz they know that I'm the cruelest
And then I'm back in paradise
To infinitely slice Izuna
[Sarutobi - GameboyJones]
Call me Sarutobi
Brought up by the god shinobi
Then became the third hokage
That's how history will show me
Gotta keep an eye on the people
Just like Danzo
Yes I got that ninjutsu
But I'll still give you combos
Orochimaru came back to the village
Just to make a statement
So I had to take the first and second when reanimated
Three on one
Man this fight is harder every minute
Past Orochimaru said if I was younger
I would kick his ass
You ain't never seen me in my prime mate
Summoned up the monkey king
To hit you with this primate
Who you think you kidding?
I'm a living legend
Probably the best still
I will go out with a bang
Using reaper death seal
[Minato - ConnorQuest!]
Flash of lightning
Dash by striking
Never see me coming
Yeah that's quite frightening
Taking out an army
Not a single one hit me
Fist a millimeter from the face
Still miss me
I had aspired
For reputation admired
Kushina might think I look fly
With some hokage attire
Yeah jiraiya he thought highly of me
See in my eyes that I had that fire
He thought I could be that child
That would save this world
From a threat so dire
Rin, Obito, Kakashi
I would train
Three incredible students I would lead
To the fray
Split between keeping the peace
In my team
And I couldn't be there
For the struggles they faced
Fourth hokage
I was born to partake
In the gory parlay
Fought war and heartache
Chakra ball I'm forming perfected
Took more than a thousand hard days
Konoha is under attack
I can't stand that
Gotta save the woman that I love
From a mad man
Sacrifice our lives
That was always our plan
Putting that beast in my son
Be the yin to his yang
[Tsunade - Savvy Hyuga]
Hokage the fifth
And I'm bringing it back
Coming in fast
With my seal as a mask
Got enough strength
To make a susanoo crack
Keepin the peace
No time for setbacks
This blood on my hands
Caused my mind to be stained
Clan of the senjus
I'm all that remains
With the wisdom I gained
I can show you the way
I did this for you two becoming hokage
My appearance is irrelevant
You threatened by intelligence
Known for my belligerence
And bettin my inheritance
Knew I had potential
Since my adolescence
Had a small jump start
Based on my descendance
Everything I lost I will not forget
Now it's my nindo that I must protect
Old habits die hard
Please place your bets
Believe it Naruto
Soon you will be next
With this kiss you have my affirmation
And I won't abandon any of my companions
Now it's Sakura's time
Helpin her awaken
Kick rocks Orochimaru
That jutsu's forbidden
No room for error can't miscalculate
Need to research fore I operate
When I get stressed I self medicate
More paperwork?
Take a saké break
[Kakashi - Dreaded Yasuke]
Comin out the smoke
Now you see my cloak
Pull out my Kakashi flow
Call me the hokage the dope
Never see my choke
Or going down a slope
Correlate ya scopes
Over the mountain top and see my face
Now you can have a stroke
Even though I lost my sharingan
Still got a thousand styles
My profile been versatile
Since I joined in as a juvenile
Minato can vouch
Any little doubt
That you got in your soul
All of my teammates in the clouds
Better watch out when I'm on patrol
Top ranks in the black ops
In a tank top in the war zone
You can try
But not gonna lie
Got a hard time fighting shadow clones
Manifest purple lightning
Piercing out like a sword
But you're just wasting my time
Show em the door
[Naruto - DizzyEight]
I'm the goat better know that
Six paths I control that
Hope I fail
But I never will
So this L
My enemies can hold that
I put the village on my whole back
Wanna die
Well you might guy
But I'm nice so I brought em all back
I pick up the slack when y'all lack
Look this how it had to be
The best what I had to be
They named the show after me
So I'm not afraid
Of anybody that's comin after me
The only one that's comin after me
Is my son
And even then I still won
Cuz my seed just another me
That's growing from everything I've done
None of you kage compare to me
Uzumaki be the legacy
Even a god couldn't handle me
This is what destiny handed me
Life tried to dismantle me
But it didn't work
I just did work
And it molded me
To the man you see
Greatest story of the century

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