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Hole | Kakashi rap song [feat. Zach Boucher] - lyrics

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Abandoning your friends makes you worse then scum
But what kind of a father would abandon his son?
Learning from your failures shaped the man I had become
A cold blooded ninja who won't stop til the job is done
A prodigy I took no value in camaraderie
A part of me still wanted to paragon my autonomy
But Obito was right in changing my ideology
Careless in my actions left his body crushed in front of me
And in his final words he told me to protect Rin
And I swore with all I had I couldn't give in
But through these bloody tears I pierced and demolished
I'm sorry Obito I broke our final promise
[Chorus: Rustage]
And I'm losing myself once again, therе's a hole in my soul. (Oh) (Oh)
And I'm picking apart the remains and I won't lеt them go (Oh) (Oh)
[Verse 2: Zach Boucher]
See I was young when I started feeling numb
Now look up at what I've become
I used to be shunned while my father was second to none
I just want to be who he was
I guess it was dumb pretending that I knew my mom
I wish I could have been a son but I couldn't run
There's too much that needs to be done
But I'mma have to be the one
And so I would work for it
Learn from my mistakes, that I never made
And that wouldn't change
It hurts more when you've been through the pain that I've had to face like every day
I first swore a promise I made you would hear me say
Hat I'd keep her safe but I couldn't when I know I should've
That's a promise that I never meant to break
I thought I would run out of reasons
It's hard to believe in it lately but you are the ones that I needed
And even if none of us make it
I know that our bonds have been depened
And so I gotta be the one to say it you have given me meaning
And so now I'm leaving
[Chorus: Rustage]
And I'm losing myself once again, there's a hole in my soul. (Oh) (Oh)
And I'm picking apart the remains and I won't let them go (Oh) (Oh)
[Spoken World Outro: Rustage]
When you've been through all this hurt find a time to make sense of the words
We get what we deserve who can speak for the voice gone unheard

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