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Shonen Jump rap cypher - lyrics

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[Luffy - Rustage]
Starting with the number one, hey
How'd a pirate get this long, hey
Cause I ate the Gum Gum
See them run run
When I hit that gun, hey
Sailing I'm talking no breaks
When my crew's on the move
As we pillage the grand line
Looting the treasure we can find
I'm blowing up like a landmine
Going gear second
I reckon that I'm a weapon
I'm wrecking up those who threaten
In messing with my own brethren
Stay repping look where I'm heading
No question the Yonkos sweating
I'm betting the words I'm yelling
I'm king and there's no forgetting
[Gon - Fabvl]
I'll jump the competition, really there's no contest
Channelled future yen and most of y'all ain't even bomb yet
It's nonsense
Pro exams completed as a child
Hisoka, I think these clowns are living in denial
So don't make me power up, I'll call the thunder in my right hand
If you want the strongest shonen, then you called the right man
They might Stan
Treat you all like Pitou, it won't take long
Name is Gon and this time Imma make sure that you stay gone
[Naruto - None Like Joshua]
Oh, better believe it's Naruto
Who's the best hero all of you know
My legacy is happening
I got a type of running named after me
While you're slow
Can't keep up with my chakra flow
Except Hinata, I'm her ho-
Kage, all I did is call her and tell her to come over cause
My parents are not home
Out of these ninjas you can watch my dub
Even all my filler is so far above
When it comes to Boruto why ya'll given up
Like I did with simpin' on Sakura
Killer B's rapping but I get the encore
With the power that I bring I don't really want yours
Cause I came from the swing, everybody shunned more
Now you're looking at the king of this Jump Force
[Yugi - Connor Quest!]
I'm a master, you be
Practice newbies
That's a doozy
For Yami Yugi
Puzzle did something like a hadron tunnel
Cause now I got atem through me
Champ of the match see fans fawn
No matter what hand's drawn
I'm kicking up dust
Metal tanks in land form
When we D-D-D-D-Duel there's sandstorms
Cards are flipping
I need an answer quick and
I might find my dark magician
If I wish hard and believe enough in the heart that's in 'em
I see setos fear
Pull the fifth part of Exodia
Guess it all came to a head so clear
That your deck's gonna get X'd, oh dear
[Asta - Eddie Rath]
Welcome to the magic
It's a tale that's tragic
Filled with pain that's
Harder than plastic
Especially when you discover
you don't have it
When I started I was
Less than amazing
But now that I've been chosen
By the grimoir I'm rising to
The occasion in a blazing flame of magic
Ain't no hocus pocus and abracadabra
That you don't have it a wizard you joke with
This ain't Gandalf The Gray
But you shall not pass
Hopeless, better be ferocious
Was the poorest orphan living in darkness
But now I'm focused I be thanking all my hardships
[Ichigo - Ibringdalulz]
Uh, hit em back with that Bankai
Got that power like it came out of the Dangai
Pop's passed the torch now I'm the fam's don guy
Think you Aizen, but you looking like that don guy
Y'all like Soifon, your raps barely sing
My bars are Getsuga Tensho, got that masterful swing
They say it ain't over till the fat lady sings
But you'll know that it's really over when that black lady sings
[Koro-Sensei - CDawgVA]
Mach speed, blow up the moon
And now making these children write essays
Coming with tentacles teach you a lesson
In why you don't mess with the sensei
I amaze, used to be the reaper now I run this class
I can turn a loser to assassin do it real fast
[Light - Zach Boucher]
I think I've been out of my head
Gift was given made some poor decisions
That I wish I didn't, but I do it again
Feeling different I was on a mission
To achieve my vision with a page and a pen
Sit and listen to the words I've written
It ain't even finished till I see that they're dead
Don't even try to pretend there's no malicious intent
Stay in my thoughts, keep to the morals I've got
And kill anyone who is not
Just never get caught until every criminal rots
They'll consider me as a god
At whatever cost, that's how I excel
Cannot be stopped even if I fell
I'm taking em off, if you couldn't tell
I gave up a lot to give you this L
[Hinata - Shwabadi]
Yeah, here comes Hinata
When I'm on the court the enemy has got their guard up
Never gonna fall off, bet I'm gonna pop off
Way short, but I'm packing punches like a sawed off
Hot like a sauna, this ball of fire
Don't know nada, but I'm gonna chase desire
To go farther every jump will take me higher
They put walls up, so I had to learn to fly
Putting up points, spiking it or clearing the way
Best decoy, got a little something to say
To anyone that doubts that I'm here to stay
Only got one goal it's to play the game
Underestimated I'm the ace, you just wait
When I spike it past the net
You might take it to the face
[Deku - Divide Music]
Coming in with 100% of me
I got you all trembling
Just with a flick of a finger
Put you back where you're supposed to be
I'm not holding back
I got you so calculated
I'm one step ahead
One For All gon be demonstrated
Get it? Got it? Good!
Nothing better, and you should know
Started at the bottom and I made it to the top, so
Step aside I'm climbing to great heights
With All Might at my side
Repping UA With pride, oh
[Yusuke - GameboyJones]
Giving you the finger spirit gun
Send you off with Botan, then you done
Hit you with the stick and I didn't need a grip
When I'm pulling from the hip then click
Because I'm lock loaded, the clip is ready to go
Got a shotgun in my hand that's bout to blow
Cause I'm hitting you quick, fast
Giving you whiplash wearing these spirit cuffs
You can be human or demon
Cause honestly I just don't give a fuck
If you're looking for the best, just know there's no other
Cause I'm flexing out here like I'm the youngest Toguro brother
[Gintoki - Shao Dow]
They call me Gintoki, slim not stocky
Lemme Shonen Jump on your leg and your body
Odd Job Gin, don't mess with my possee
If you touch my hair then you will be sorry
ね, ぼけ (Huh? Dumbass)
何これ, うるせえな (What the hell is this? Shut your mouth)
Cause you're way too sloppy
Got a silver soul, Shiroyasha
Swing my sword and Amanto scatter
Gintama, not Kintama
Tell Shinpachi we need money
If Kagura or Katsura bring more trouble we keep running
Pay rent? That's a waste of time
That weather girl, I will make her mine
You can beat me up and that's fair and fine
But if you hurt my friends then prepare to die
[Tanjiro - DizzyEight]
Slaying demons is what we do
If you filled with evil then my blade is highly lethal
If you coming at my people, pray to god I never meet you
Ever mess with Nez, you KO'd when I see you
I've grown stronger from that fateful day they found me
I trained to hone the skill, the progression so outstanding
My style like breathing water, that mean you could never drown me
Whirlpool, that mean I'm slicing everything around me
[Emma - FrivolousShara]
EMMA, 63194
Listen what I've got to say
The others walked now seems we gotta run away
Don't you talk adults are the enemy
You can break every bone in my body I won't falter
And if the plan fails, the idea simply alters
These demons scheming but they ain't the only monsters
Our combined IQ breaks the safe, strength in numbers
Now we've woken from the slumber
Never ending perfect summers
Across the farm you can't help but wonder
[Soma - DiggzDaProphecy]
See I'm the anime Raekwon
The chef, baby stay calm
You can't stand the heat, get out the kitchen get a day job
Word, and the finale's superb
I take a sec, put on my band and I'll be happy to serve
So ma, tell me what you like and I can hook it up
Ya boy got them recipes the best couldn't cook up
And she gon bust from the taste of my meat
Chef boy are these boys always cooking up heat
[Jotaro - Dreaded Yasuke]
It's my go, they call me Jotaro
Don't get me mad Imma go fast only with jabs
You go through silos
Got that drip in Cairo, girls will simp my silhouette
I know think it's a typo fighting with a platinum psycho
None of Y'all is a threat
What you gotta say in your breath
Better speak with a bigger chest
Now you lying down with my pet, while Iggy piss on ya neck
All types of disrespect, what you expect
Go against a vet, better get your techs
Wanna get swept through the complex
Now who is next?
[Bobobo - BassedOlaf]
Bobobo making the foes stare
Call me the master of nose hair
Look at the hair on the heads of these anime characters
Brother it's no fair
But I'm better than these guys, don't you understand?
I came second place at screaming face to face with desk fans
Afro is full of surprises, look at my powers immense
Leaving beauty screaming
(Bobobo that makes no sense)
Hunting hair hunters, Saitama I'm coming for you
Don patch a better Super Saiyan god than Goku
[Goku - DaddyPhatSnaps]
Oh, they went and called Kakorot, had to be danger
Leave em flat footed like they in the gravity chamber
I'm just looking for a challenge can you battle me stranger?
Shonen Legend in the Saddle and the power is major
Level up on the track, flow ultra instinct
Bye bye bye fusion dance is always in sync
And they wonder why I'm last on the song
Cause when all of you were talking I just formed a spirit bomb

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