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Shonen Jump rap cypher 2 - lyrics

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[Verse 1: Zoro - Rustage]
First mate
Shatter like Pica an earthquake
The body I built with my work rate
These cursed blades are dooming you all to a worst fate
Surprise you like a birthday, I hurt, maim need first aid
You want the shaft? Then I guess I'm taking you to third base
One, beast with my weapons, strength immense like Gorillas
Two, cut down in a second, one man army, Guerilla
Three, scary, no thriller, I'm stronger than imagined
Killed the beat but turn around and be like "nothing happened"
[Verse 2: Vegeta - Fabvl]
Uh, you don't want it with the Prince
Put you on your knees, man there's levels to this shit
That's real, bunch of Mister Satans in this bitch
Kill a petty rapper bring em back to hold the tip
Call that Draggin' Balls, focused mind, like I'm overdosed on Adderall
Royal blood, turn the greatest into catalogues
They can call me number two
I create the greatest, tell me who the fuck are you?
[Verse 3: Killua - DizzyEight]
Yeah, I'm cut from a different fabric
It's shocking when you spot him, I was bred for the static
It's tragic but it happened, I'm bred to be a savage
Y'all yapping, think you got heart then stare at it
Know it's god speed how I move when I smack you
Lose your head if you thinking I'm the one you talk back too
Assassin how I move, kill you without a trace
Ain't talking Yo-Yos when I string rounds to your face
[Verse 4: Seto - Sinewave Fox]
Rageki with my lyrics and Obelisk in my physics
I'm a monster reborn and I'm here with a vengeance
And then I Jinzo on these bitches 'cause I don't fall for these thirst traps
Write it and spit it ain't no need for these rehearsed raps
Blue eyes, three heads, the smirk of a crook
Y'all motherfuckers just toons 'cause you go by the book
Pot of greed, make money til I overdose
I kill my friends just to kill you, call me King Barbaros
[Verse 5: Kageyama - Connor Quest]
Smack you down harder than my serve make my hand sore
Had your turn, now it's back to me, that's a chance ball
I hold power, split second, pick an option
The control tower that you call like Houston if you have a problem
Flick of the wrist, they better get hit, I tend to get pissed if they ever miss
Can't keep up with me just go be subbed or quit
Orange black combo, shorty flies when I let him jump
Kageyama shitting on the mic that's a setter dump
[Verse 6: Rukia - FrivolousShara]
Freeze! Who wants to dance with the Ice Queen?
I go from one hundred to absolute zero, ice stream
Is that the scoreboard? Or temperature?
To the thousand year blood war I'm here, here's the finisher
Big things come in small packages, they think that I'm fun sized
'Til I open this third eye, this Bankai
Banish your soul from society
Leave your body in Thirteen Divisions for trying me
[Verse 7: Bakugo - Shofu]
It's Bakugo, my pressure got the opps on the ropes
Rest in peace to the G.O.A.T but I'm poppin the smoke
I'm just tryna make a name, ain't no time to be slow
Villains say they beating me, need to stop with the jokes
Since my rival got chosen I'm not losing focus
Deku got me heated, don't get caught in the explosion
All I need is power and strength
I got a vision and I never needed help, I'ma do it myself
[Verse 8: Inosuke - Shao Dow]
猪突猛進 今すぐだ
Hashibira Inosuke
Defeat you with crossed blades
The beast in the cosplay
These demons are not safe
Mad lad, with no chill
The most skill, I go kill
Mounting 鬼 'till they mole hills
I'll headbutt ya, hold still
I'm so pig headed I'll kick ya for no reason
獣の呼吸 as long as this beast's breathing
[Verse 9: Yuno - Mega Ran]
You know that I gotta protect what's mine
Got the spirit of wind, and my relatives by my side
I been raw, got that Grimoire, know I make a match tragic
Black magic keep you wheezzing like an asthmatic
I'll keep this brief if it's beef, you minced meat
Trust me you don't wanna see my brother with that Fifth Leaf
Listen up, power levels never get debuffed
I'm not stoppin', I'm not moving and I'm never giving up, you know
[Verse 10: Karma - Shwabadi]
Red head, Rockstar
No Redemption deaded with a Bowie, call it Blackstar
When it comes to felling yellow foes he is a monster
Pull and shoot in seconds with no questions like a cop car (grattata)
That's red and blue together feel the murder intent
The BB gun plastic plastering the back of your head
Got screws loose, I'm coocoo but action's intense
Only school kid to school you, you're actually dead
[Verse 11: L (Lawliet) - Zach Boucher]
Everything I do this calculated, hide the fear, commandeer
Use my wits to compensate and make it clear if they appear
I've got lots of patience waiting, I'll be here to persevere
Don't you try to get up near and interfere with my career
I really hate to lose, that won't be me, I play for keeps
Honestly fuck the rules, may even cheat 'cause talk is cheap
They see me as a tool, but I'm the key, you best believe
Get me a sugar cube, need something sweet for victories yeah
[Verse 12: Jaganshi - GameboyJones]
This Jagan make you be gone
Wouldn't pee on these peons
They're too weak couldn't be pawns
Cut them all down like a neat lawn
I got the steel in hand, meddle with me then you're finished
Cause you bout to get the business like retailers during Christmas
I've been in the cut, why you think I'm packing a blade
I'll chop your top off like a barber when you catching the fade
All eyes on me, yeah my demon form is dashing
You know I keep that heat, I'll fire on you with the dragon
[Verse 13: Erina - Twisted Savvy]
Ya meat ain't a feast, it's a B-class waste
I'm elite, not a piece, I'm the whole damn cake
Just a cheat, no heat, knowin' nothin' bout taste
Take a seat here's a treat and a lesson from an ace
Gotta leave people pleased, your dish is simply just a tease
You ain't doin' it right if they ain't weak at the knees
Got every person lustin' from the work of my tongue
Ya know girls would bust if you just delivered for once
[Verse 14: Sasuke - VI Seconds]
I'm about to kill the village and my brother won't be changing the story
Something shocking gonna fly from the arm, you woulda thought that I screamed Chidori
Whole style Katon, they all see I'm fire y'all
Sharingan to Rinnegan, see the way that I evolve?
Kirin, can't a medic Ninja stop yo harm
Got more eyes on me than Danzo arm
Every time I black? Flame like Amaterasu
I'm vengeance, hard bodied, peep the Susanoo

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