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Shonen Jump Villains rap cypher - lyrics

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Verse 1 (Rustage/BlackBeard):-
Messing with a Yonko
Going Gung Ho
When we battle then i finish you in one blow More godly than Long Nose
Your worst thought
I've done those, Cus darkness is infinite Killin' it, I do not care about innocence
I started wars, So the dead on the floor
Is all part of my cause to be infamous
We are too different, Broken the worst out of prison
These killers are now on my bankroll
I've murdered for power so nobody stopping me
leaving them all in a Black Hole
No backbone
You cowards ain't nothing
I make the globe quake
I'mma leave your dreams dead Luffy
Like your bro Ace!

Verse 2 (Shwabadi/Shigiraki):-
One finger on the throat
Now they choking for air
Heroes are a joke to me
Hope isn't there
Replay what we say
We're done fighting fair, Decay
Like DK my company's rare
YAH, I brought a team with me
Fearing the league
Is he really this fiendishly evil?
Believe what you're hearing
Defeating me? Please, Y'all decieved
I'll be leaving a hero deceased!

Verse 3 (None Like Joshua/Dio):-
Za Warudo! Time ain't nothing to me
Pause it like a move
It's your life you are losing
When the guns are shooting
You're approaching me?
Blood for my consuming
Everything you're stupidly doing
In pursuing Dio
Has proven to be
USELESS! The sun has just set
I ascend from the dead
And nobody is safe
Cause i'll stab in the back
And then in your chest
See your hero fall
Put JoJo's to rest with my with my cronies who know me
I stand on the world
Causing death onto you or your loved ones with no recompense
Like it's mesothelioma, transcending humanity, taking sanity in seconds or less, When you said that these other villains were the best
Ha! You know Kono Dio Da!

Verse 4 (Connor Quest!/Marik):-
I've been fighting through pain and strife
So its likely I might lose it
Know that my dogs have in their sight
They pry, That eye of Anubis
Don't dare muck with those rare hunters They tear numbers from life pools
Ra can vaporise and smoke you
No it's not that type of juul
Can't harm Marik,
I'm barbaric,
My minds twisted like the card back is
I'm dark magic
He's a farce
Banished to the shadow realm
While i laugh at him
Didn't fair so well When the pharaoh fell Sorry that I went and took
Mai sending her off
But she said I was 1000 times better than you
Getting that Millennium Rod!

Verse 5 (Frieza/Shao Dow):-
I take your planet
Make it my country
Bow down and love me
You filthy monkey
I make them panic
There's none above me
Bow down and love me
This ain't even my final form
It's the golden one,
It's over done,
So let it go 'Cos I'm colder than frozen son, Get my point with a death ball or death beam,
And destroy in my best form,
The rest scream,
Lord Frieza I'm winning,
The great villain,
I stay chilling like I just killed Krillin,
Make a worm stop living and your world go missing,
And this riddim will explode in about 5 minutes,

Verse 6 (Meruem/Fabvl):-
I started off so cold
Couldn't fight the hunger, mysoul
Hadn't grown whole
What the taste I know
Give me all the power and control,
That's your role
If you want me you can find me playing Gungi
Used to think that there was no one left that was above me
Evolution of the mind
Has proven that you might be something So l'll spend my final minutes
Holding in to what I love
There's no recovery, yea

Verse 7 (Toguro/Gameboy.Jones):-
Formally human
But now I've turned to a demon
I'll turnyour head red like kurmas
But you gonna be bleeding
You don't want beef
That's a vegan Stay mute
You shouldn't be speaking
Like a kanye album
When I'm done you gonna be leaking
You shooting finger guns?
No this ain't no xbox kinect
I'll jack you up like ethernet
That's how my fist will connect
If I'm out
You better stay inside your house
Imagine what Il'll do to you
If l'll kill my potential spouse

Verse 8 (Aizen/Dizzyeight):-
Lord Aizen
On top that's where I sit
But your girl she can call me Sosuke
Your end is what I send
Couldn't beat me on my worst day
I got ice
All white drip
If it's what I want
Then it's what
I get Wanna battle
We can mix
I got numbers with the clique
Listen I gotta go dominate
We on different levels
We are not the same
So we don't conversate
Thought you was winning
You trippin ya victory
Is what I confiscate
Emotions out of sight out of mind
My heart hollow so it's hollow tips to the chest
Ya whole squad getting hollowfied

Verse 9 (Patri/Licht/Zach Boucher):-
Look, I'm an elite,
Coming to feast
Going to rain hell on you sheep
This is what we wanted least,
We just wanted peace
I'm not who you thought I would be
Overpowered to the peak,
Who you calling weak?
You better hope it's tounge in cheek
They better know it isn't me
I'm not who you seek,
You're looking for a different Licht
You're gonna plead
Because I'm getting tired of these humans Tried to make us look stupid
I've been reincarnated,
Lately I've turned myself a bit ruthless
It's true,
I got more patience I've waited years for this chance
And who knew
That I looked up to the person I say I am

Verse 10 (Muzan/Diggz Da Prophecy):-
I'm saying Annie are you ok?
The one who don't play
Honestly I don't care how many show l'm one you won't slay,
Mess with the creator
I will make it where you don't say
Nothing cuz you fear my very essence
And you all prey,
I'm "that man"
You can catch hands
I never lack fam
Attack and
Watch me snap and
Leave you flat man
This facts damn
I'ma bad man
So relax plan
Every single move
Don't let me curse you
It's a wrap fam,

Verse 11 (Madara/ VI seconds):-
Back from the dead,
All shinobi's boutta drop
When I send rounds at em
That Onoki couldn't stop
When the fire release,
You die you decease,
----H I'm cookin,
Ima put your hidden lotus in a pot
Don't care about plot armor,
You ain't armed?Get a plot
You ain't going through my heart,
Then you all gettin boxed
You alarmed and you shocked
There's no ceasing my wrath
You'll get more than 6 shots From the sage of 6 paths

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