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Straw Hat Pirates rap cypher - lyrics

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Straight out the
East blue
Call me Luffy I'm a beast too
Anybody you speak to will you tell you what I've been through
I'm as fast as a pistol
Blasting you suckers
I reckon
That now I'm stepping up, getting rough
Gear second
Im the captain
Activating haki
Im cracking knuckles,attacking
So buckle up if you're lacking
Watch my bounty as its racking up
You ain't ever stacking up
I will f###ing end you if you ever hurt my nakama
It doesnt matter if you navy
You're crazy to face me
The aura of a conqueror, even kaido is shaky
I'm breaking in
Cuz im made to
I may be rubber but you'll need protection from this pirate king
Yo its Roronoa Zoro
Yeah my swords overkill
With a blade in my mouth, so my word flow spills
More blood from a pirate, marine, or Fishman with gills
I'll cut your verse in half
Mihawk giving me the skills
Scars all on my body?
I'll leave one on your brain
Just ask Kuma when I took all of Luffys pain
I dont need a devil fruit if you wanna see my strength
Hard work
Yeah I trained to take Pica to the grave
Slicing back and forth
You know I got a stick for playing haki
With my wado ichimonji
While sanii sponsored by Nike
Lost my left eye from the waterfalls I chased but you forgot me?
I'm the greatest swordsman
Even after my days I'll be there on top
While I sleep
3rd member of the straw hats
Call me Nami
Luffy set me free
Now I'm navigating him to one piece
No need to judge me
It's just a little pickpocketing
But let me give you a lesson here on some chemistry
Using gusts to make you fall back
Do you want a taste of my staff
Before you see the lightning flash
Hear the thunder crash
From my climatact
Leave you shake from my thunder lance
Can you dodge a weather based attack?
Go ahead and come at me I'll watch you pass through
Tell me which tempo you want me to use
So many combatinations
I dont know which one to choose
Let's get this over with so I can collect all your revenue
Now you're messing with a veteran
I'm better than anybody
I got an army, crushing all your skeletons
I head up into battle, leave you rattled with my squad
Pray to me, a deity, a sniper
I'm a sharpshooter so I cant miss
Over longer distance with advantage
Got the craftsmanship that is demanded
Your small IQ wont even understand it
They say I'm lying but honestly it's all trickery
Literally I'm just carrying this crew with my abilities
Hitting me? It's unlikely
Come on try to fight me
May have had my issues but I've put all that behind me
It all started on a ship in the north blue
A protege to the zeff what a cool dude
Cut off his leg tryna save and preserve food
Suddenly now you got a friend to preserve you
We all tried to survive from the violence
As we march in an army of pirates
The ocean is a grave full of silence
Enemies wonder, where the time went
I remember when I was nothing but a thin joke
My calves on fire, get your face broke
As you sleeping the chef will remain woke
They want beef but they dont want the vinsmoke
Everybody get to the chopper
If you got a bounty on your head
Imma pop ya
Girlys think I'm cute
Bout to make it reindeer
All about the money
So my enemies should stay clear
Now I joined in
With this great little group of pirates
Dont mess with my squad
Or we will get violence
Isnt it ironic I bring pain as the doctor
I could save your life when I drop ya
Watch your tone with Tony
Or I'll fold your phonies
Every lines ginuwine
Like I rode that pony
And you acting folly
When you saying we dont run streets
Straw hat crew
And we coming for that one piece
Last survivor of my home town
Persecuted for my knowledge
So I'm on my own now
We about to go down
Chilling with tea or we about to get wild
The name is Nico Robjn and I am the devil child
Crew archaeologist
Information I'm logging it
I got in with the straw hats
Now I'm reading poneglyphs
Haven't you forgotten this girl has straight power
See my hand sprouting and blossom like a flower
Intelligence is unmatched
Show me where the funs at
Coming in clutch
With these hands growing out ya back
Enies lobby finding out that I have more to give
My crew by my side
So you know that I want to live
Here comes the tank worth 94 bills
Can adapt to any environment like Bear Grylls
Biased when it comes to the strawhats, they can chill
Applying a pressure on your endeavours, whenever it gets real
That's the best you got, you probably need to drop
Modifications from my canon take off a mountain top
My franky radical beam shooting just like a stream
Whizzing right by your head
To mess with your self esteem
Better start counting your bread when you see my team
Accumulating lot of cred
Gonna need the marines
If you ain't got the berries get off the thousand sunny
Playing like its imaginary and get the real cutty
The musician of the straw hats
Munificent? Of course that's a given
My dynamic riffs are gifts wrapped in ribbon
Every hit exact and honed
And like my slashes and my blows
Every note composed appropriately
Rhythms in my bones
The devil in I is why I never did die
I was revived with twice the undeniable splendour
If stealing the show was seen as a crime then I'm a prime offender
My attacks are so precise
Although I lack sight receptors
Picked off one by one
When I strum with a boney thumb
Those opponents with loaded guns
Are too slow for my frozen lunge
On that boat got pretty lonely
Wrotes odes to my blubbery chum
Though the ocean temp was low
I felt so comfortably numb
Its Jinbei the sensei with my fist I'm ruthless
One swing will leave you stretched out like your Luffy
That's one piece,
But you can get two if you dont want peace
I'm a fish man but its my hook that make em sleep
You dont wanna spar,
You dont want the fade
He claim he got heart so I double tap his face
If I gotta go to war
I just do it for a change
I live the way I'm living for my brother in the grave
It's the straw hats, I roll with a clique full of warriors
This is not a game, we are not the ones to toy with
All about peace but if you push us we destroy ya
Big man but the move smooth like the water

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