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7 Warlords rap cypher - lyrics

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[Verse 1: Dracule "Hawkeye" Mihawk - Rustage]
You don't want to mess with the number one
So stay dumb bring a blade, you can toss ya' guns
So they run too afraid, when this monster comes
I spray blood feel the pain, then the job is done
Cut into pieces no need for autopsy
Yoru, how you're seeing black if you cross me
Treat you like ships, how I'm slicing up bodies
Damage like cannons, don't need no Tchaikovsky
SHUT DOWN, toe to toe with a Yonko
I don't need a devil, this demon's already cut-throat
CUT THROAT, glass of wine for the front row
When they see my sword, then like Perona they've gone ghost
Rep a Wazimano, got no crew I do it solo, when I battle round the globe, and all the navy call it war crimes
I don't need a dojo, vision zoom like it's a photo, I stay hitting all my targets, and that's why they call me Hawk Eye
[Verse 2: Sir Crocodile - Shwabadi]
An unnatural disaster
Taking the rain, the domain growing faster
Take a princess, outcast her
Taking the reign and I claim, I'll outlast her
Alabasta, heart stone cold like it's alabaster
Landslide coming from the sand I've mastered
Dodging every shot like an anti-vaxxer
Weak to the water but quick to flow
Still dripped out, hook straight dipped in gold
Team never falters the clique Baroque
You can't divide my order, I'm Mr. 0
Impel couldn't, hold me
Now this sandman's giving, no sleep
And the dune is looming, slowly
From the, Suna Suna no Mi
[Verse 3: Boa Hancock - Lex Bratcher]
BOA, we gone be okay
The most beautiful, no matter where I relocate
It's easy to see that, anybody in my way
Will be in the sea, I'mma have them MIA
And if they in my face, I'm so vocal
They try to step up in my place, we go mobile
I'm riding with my Kuja mates, yes it was in our fates, to end up as slaves to world nobles
They thought they could defeat me, Pero Pero no Mi
Attacked me and would feed me, Mero Mero no Mi
But I used it to be strong, and to leverage the beam
Nobody safe, even vice admirals ending on their knees
I'm ending enemies and I really can't stop
Become rock, whenever they watching my hands drop
A rough shock, to anyone tryna get on top
Say my name, say my name, yeah it's Boa Hancock
[Verse 4: Gecko Moria - DizzyEight]
Listen I move through the darkness
Maneuver with a crew, that you think is heartless
The truth is, I'm not the same dude that had started
This journey my heart was a problem, so I solved it, wait
I had a crew and I lost 'em
Now I don't know where my heart is
All those emotions have hardened
I feel like my vision is sharper
I sit in the shadows while moving my pawns
I feel like a boss, I'm a Don
Something you don't want is war
Turn everyone inside your squad into a corpse
Listen I don't get attached
My soldiers expendable, all they know is go attack
Kick my feet up and relax
You might defeat 'em so what, 'cause they all coming back
[Verse 5: Bartholomew Kuma - Shofu]
Zoro ain't doing no running
Me and him we just had a discussion
He taking that pain, he won't back down for nothing
Understand what I did at the summit
I was doing my part, I just need you to live, I ain't doing no harm I was bluffing
You get hit with the beam, you get hit by my hand, you gon' disappear all of a sudden
Why was I summoned, the powers above, make me sick to my stomach
We need revolution and I'm gonna run it, ain't no more corruption
Now you deceased on arrival, no means for survival
Nothing is changing, repeating the cycle
Luffy be trippin', that boy in denial
Killin' 'em all, it's just me and my bible
[Verse 6: Jinbei - Pe$o Pete]
Uh, new generation, they know I'mma legend, my path for the future, has never been clearer
Raisin' my chop, like my glass for a toast, put that scar to his face, like I looked in the mirror
See on my ship I am the helmsman
Sippin' on Gin, catch the wave while I'm steering
My training and discipline, match my appearance
A shark in the water, you 'prolly should clear it
Uh, yeah, flow like the ocean, don't skip never stutter
This pressure too heavy, u might as well quit man, oh he a Zoan?, he sink or he suffer
This water do wonders, for likes of a fishman
Mihawk the strongest?, I'm tired of this shit man!, ayyy
They wanna know where I be
Uh huh, okay, 10,000 meters deep
[Verse 7: Donquixote Doflamingo - Connor Quest!]
Flamingo, not the one to tango with
Threads are needles or a lasso whip
They're all coming for the head, like I'm Anne Boleyn
So I play 'em like the banjo strings, or the mandolins
Yeah this man's gon' link
My digits with the strands, those limbs
Get to dancing, my hands are commanding rings, like a colosseum
At your neck like a collar seam
Know I got the land and the riches
Man you gotta hand it to this kid
Got the world wrapped around my finger, handling all my family business
Control like a marionette, that's how the government's hangin'
No comparison I'm blessed, with the blood of a dragon
Try and buy me off, that's not very impressive
It's not about the money, it's 'bout sending a message

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