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Waiting for Death - lyrics

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Look at me
Tell me your confession
You'll be free
It becomes obsession
There's no ink
Close your book, you're past time
Deadly shrink
Bells begin to chime
Glints in your eyes are dying up
Waiting in sorrow,
Wriggle and cry...
There are two blades of fate
That's your last breath
Be prepared for death
Waiting for death
Waiting for death
Waiting for death
I'm waiting for you!!!
Look at me
Why have you betrayed us?
I'm banshee
We will catch you, then truss
There's no ink
Here's the end of your way
Last air drink
Shadowfear before slay
Look at me
Into my empty eyes
I've got a key
You will die in own cry
There's no ink
Nothing gonna happened
Final wink
Last bell chimed to you!

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