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Down On My Knees - lyrics

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The only sign of life
is hiding on the other side
Maybe I'm too blind
to see my enemies
looking out for me.
Today I'll play their game
and settle the score in many ways
This overpriced champagne
will fool them easily
I'll raise my glass for all to see.
Tell me when you're ready to make a deal
maybe everybody has given up on me
Face me when you're making me take
the heat
Or can't you see me when I am down on my knees?
It's time to spin the wheel
to see what's gonna be revealed
But maybe all I need
is to feel my enemies
closing up on me
All this time I looked up to you
I know you saw it too
Something broke down
I don't know how
Somehow I thought we were the same
I guess I was afraid

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