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Open Your Eyes - lyrics

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Open your eyes and see what you've
been missing
You don't have to hide away
You don't have to play this game no more
Just try to smile and start reminiscing
Thoughts pass by as they decay
Don't reach out, let them escape
There are other ways to slow them down
You've been all I had for years
Locked uop here with me
Will you still control my fears?
Now I'm back on the streets?
Wake up, you've been disconnected
Leave now before the walls come down
Live, learn feel whole again
Therre's nothing more we can say
Get up and run but then again
There's no one to show us the way
to where we fell out of place...
Now there's so much more to lose
But I'm better off this way
Still they're scanning every move
while following my trail
Wake up, you have been selected
Stand up before we all fall down
So I lost myslef today
You know I've tried to go the other way
It's always the same mistake
that's wearing me out and lets me take
the blame
Over and over again, again..

Lyrics was added by Marta-S

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