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Tired and Ashamed - lyrics

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No child with an open mind
should feel the burden on his shoulders
While we buy ourselves another day
He's been told not to be afraid
and stares into the eyes of stranger
while his parents start to beg and pray.
And in reverse
He's feeling worse
No man should ever have to hide
But in the end it's what he believes in
He's so close he can't see where he is
Disappear into slavery
Be blind, bow dowb, keep quiet and be happy
It's better to accept than to resist
Why do I try to cross the line?
and ignore the signs?
Another dream, or so it seems is taking over me
And I might find a way to clear my mind
on the other side
but again I look down and walk away
tired and ashamed.
He should have been in paradise
With every breath he's wearing himself
He's still hoping but he lost his smile
Although he never learned to cry
His eyes are burning, red wet and swollen
Despite the shame he's feeling so alive
Fight your way through history
Guide me to what you wanted me to see
But hide these empty memories
Time clean up after me.

Lyrics was added by Marta-S

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