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You can light a match and say 'that's me,'
but you're a liar
if you run around and never catch a single thing on fire.
Now, what good to me is a knife
or a pair of scissors that won't cut?
Just gives me an excuse to stab you with something,
with scissors turning in your gut!

You better listen up, boy, I'm only saying this one time.
Best stick some reason to your rhyme.

Now, my inner-child hates you, but the woman can't let go.
We are trouble in the very same sack,
but you're pot and I'm oregano.
Why is half of me dead set on saying, 'I'll get him for that!'
While the rest of me just loves you
and keeps holding me back?

Oh, there's something wrong, but damned if we'll say it.
It's never the right time.
Best stick some reason to your rhyme!

Now, I wish I knew the language
of guitar strings about to break.
That way, there'd be no faltering.
You could tell it by the noise I'd make.
There are no pretty words to say,
'you are fucking up real bad!'
So I'm left with the choice of aiming everything
I've got right at your head.

Now, I open my window wide as wide and I'm staring at the ground.
I know you're not even watching me, without turning around.
Unless you start fighting back soon, I just might slip away.
Better tie my wings down, love,
the edges of my conscience have frayed.

If you don't watch it, I'll give up on you this time.
Best stick some reason to your rhyme,
better stick some reason into your rhyme;
best stick some reason to your rhyme!
(Stick it, you know where you can stick it, boy!, etc.)

Lyrics was added by DevilDan


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