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Losing Ground - lyrics

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All my time is ticking away
I can't give you all the reasons today
Hungry mothers with their sons on their knees
Let me show you my society
Take a look into the mirror of life
Yeah, theres more behind this conscious mind
What they're waiting for I don't know
If your love is done then let me go
Every time we walk in silence, we keep losing - Losing ground
Turn your heads away from sorrow and keep losing - Losing ground
As we search for explanations we keep losing ground
When I can't help but reach for you, I keep losing ground
Wait for love to turn to hate
Chase the sickness and red lights fate
They'll pay to see you walk through the streets
Come and see my society, yeah it's my society
Hold my hand don't set it free
Watch the candles burning
My time is just ticking away
I cant give you reasons... today!

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