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Memento Mori - lyrics

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She wakes in the morning her mainline is burning
Broken dreams, the epitaph of her life
Take life to break it, a picture to save it
A memento mori for the rest of time
Your world has you shaking while mankind is raging
The Raisens are the reasons you will die - or lie
No time for later I cant even save her
A memento mori for her place in line
I will remember
A walk in the night
The limits of your mind is talking to your fears
Sympathies are old regrets hidden in your tears
Racing through life are precious moments of your life
A second hand surrounds your fate, it won't be so divine
The sign of your nature is the blood that you gave her
Your way of saying won't you remember me
A hand holds the razor - there was eloquence in the letter
Precision words that slice for you to read

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