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It's just a human condition, are we all strangers here
A flash of light and the horizons seared
Twelve years old, tell me whats the price of life
You give me all your reasons but you can't look me the eye
We breathe in confusion, but do we ever really know
Science facts of life we need but do we need to learn to breed
Sabotage is on their minds 'til they're left the only kind
Put it off another day, kill the ones that want to pray
Oh I don't know anymore
A fear has come my way I've found
Will this be, will this be forever
Can we find this place alive, will there ever be a sacred ground
We are somewhere that I don't know
We are somewhere that's taken hold
We are somewhere, we are somewhere
We are somewhere that i don't know
Step inside, tell me what do you see
It's not all I've been told
is this our retribution, as we all seem to stare
This is our time, open your eyes, open your mind

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The Inside

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