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Time to Sail - lyrics

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She watches the rain, outside her window
Waiting - staring into shadows
I won't be surprised at all - if she never leaves
Thinking of thoughts on pages and wonders what they mean
Is there anybody here?
All the solutions and all the persuasion the beggar walks away
Alice holds the looking glass, nothing seems to say
She covers it with roses, a requiem in stone
A regret that you told her, her face is getting old
Is there anybody here to listen to me and walk through the world
I'll change it this time my thoughts and the rhyme
If I had time to sail
Is there anybody here to take what I need and wash away it all
Perhaps I can't see, the life that I lead - Is there anybody here
The sun sets on the ground, will you listen will you hear
Are they coming are they going, is it getting near
Open your eyes-Open your eyes, the breath replies
A memento mori for your losses, this is your breath reprise

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