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A.D.H.D. Freestyle - lyrics

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I feel like Teezo, I'm back on that bullshit
If you talk reckless, then empty the full clip
I don't sip no lean and I don't pop no bars
Shawty, she on me, she think I'm a star
I'm chasing this money, I really can't stop
All these bitches wanna suck on my cock
If she cannot pay me, I don't want the top
Frosty, he blowin', he cannot be stopped
Look, aye
I hit that hoe from the back
I don't love her, shit is wack
Catch me at Barney's, I'm spending them racks
I make a withdraw, then I'm back to the rap
Bitches, they on me, they just wanna flex
Them broke boys, they hatin' cause' frosty up next
I only take cash, I don't want no checks
Go peep my numbers, I'm at all y'all necks
Woah, look
I pull up, big body benz
Fuck that little bitch and her friend
Frosty, he winnin', he did it again
The way that I'm comin', it should be a sin
You broke as hell boy, you need to relax
I spent your rent money, all up in saks
I'm not really trippin', I'll get it right back
He need a verse, you know I'ma tax
You know I'm a stunt
You know I'm the best
I peeped your last song and I know you stressed
You ain't getting money, boy, stop with the flex
I feel like I'm Lonzo, I know I'm up next
Used to get hated then counting it out
Your pockets, they empty, it look like a drought
Call up your bitch, tell her I want the mouth
Frosty, he blowin' from north to the south

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