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Around Axis - lyrics


No matter i feel like
It always will be as always and
I will never know who you are
On thousand wings you will always
Flow through my mind

Open the door
To see all sensuality
Redemption of every part of
Your tired conscience, it is melting
Like last spring ice

Oh, sometimes i feel like born by you
´cause i know you will be the one
When tomorrow is the day, the day that maybe…

Strong impression is gone
Insight into moan
I´ll release all my magics now
They hated her for her pride
I should better be blind

Do i believe that this season
Will be as always
Hungry for all mercy lies
There´s nothing left anymore but
One more sleepless night

In love with fire, night came to you to pray
Respect your law returning like for like
Yes I smell new savior
Sad in gardens I´ll be no more

Lyrics was added by DevilDan


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