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Feasting on rancidness
Not seeing through the self-accusing lies
Are hordes of wormly cowards
Who hesitate and fail to bring their dreams to life

Left unseen

Lost in occupations
Becoming socially secured
Life's manipulation
Age endures

Accepting circumstances
Resentment uncontained
Quality of existence
Capitalistic gains

Can't you see
Your destiny?
Living free
Doing what you feel and think is real

Or do you just fail to see?
Can't see through your own mind
Cast yourself to live this lie

Blackening out natural dignity
Forcing in abnormal functioning
Losing desire your will to leave
This life you built so easily

It's time...
to live

Ascend from below to blaze a trail through life
Follow your lead and succeed your destiny

Strive to live and live to please your mind

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Swallowed in Black

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