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Deceptive Perceptions - lyrics

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Eyes... Persuade the mind
Ears... Believe the lies
One's own society cries
Such a wasted fate
Pre-programmed hell
Reality is just a state of mind
And you can't believe the things you hear and see
Getting caught in fear that climbs
Escalating high
For your inferior mind
Can't cope with your right to decide
Waiting for your life to be
Having no ideas nor dreams to live
Believing all of the others' beliefs
Determining your fate eternally
Your mind is free
To believe in what you need
To live and breathe
Your destiny...
Each of us has ideas of their own
Depicting original thoughts our own seeds to sow
Believing what is right to be real
Navigating one's own path to stray from ideals
Waste your thoughts
Follow their lies
Believing the false
Close your eyes
Deceptive perceptions

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