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Torn between life
Dividing Inside
Dwelling on the lies
They made to build their lives

Born an accident
In a world where no one fits
A fact of life for me
Starving in poverty

Born here... Die here...
Reason of being...
Living in this hell hole
I'm throwing away the day, everyday...

Forgive me not
For living in this world of rot
I can't believe it all to be
A facelift, a change, society...

Watching tension build
My hatred being fulfilled
And making me want to kill
And kill and kill and kill...
Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill
Depression and resurrect life

No hate, no ignorance
No tolerance for prejudice
Coming, come to me
Facelift of inner being

Don't let your eyes be the guide
To what your mind can't see
Don't paint the picture by the color
Or what it seems to be
Know in the debts of yourself
What you know to be right
Making the difference in how you feel for life
Open your mind
Look inside

Escaping reality by taking in all I can see
It's only the way to leave this place
We all call misery

Looking for the one to find
But nobody is left
Praying for meaning and waiting for death

No hate, no ignorance
No tolerance for prejudice
Coming, coming to me
Facelift of inner being

Value of the one last died in himself
His blood burns, peace gone
Crying for help...
Can't stop misery
His silence hears death
Wishing the one gone was himself
No way of knowing what is rest
Death on the inside has killed all that's left
Lowest of the low
Where feelings are kept
His silence is the one cry
Silence hears death

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A Vision of Misery

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