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Saints 'n' Sinners - lyrics


We're gathered tonight
To unveil the light
You're gonna see shades of the grey

The devil is near
He's using the fear
Making you follow his way

Unearthly signs
Your life's on the line
You'd better not waste no time

Speed up your moves
Beware of the fools
Misguiding you to dead end

You see the angels
Falling from the sky
Just don't be a stranger
'Cos it's the judgement of your life

Saints 'N' Sinners
In heaven and hell
Saints 'N' Sinners
Got stories to tell
Saints 'N' Sinners
We're coming to take you away
Saints 'N' Sinners

Some carry the cross
Some believe in the force
It ain't make no difference at all

Brave words to say
There's no time to pray
You've got it all in your veins

You see the angels
Falling from the sky
When we're together
There’ll be no more demons from the past

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Saints 'n' Sinners

Saints 'n' Sinners lyrics