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The beating of a high school bus driver - lyrics


Performed by Adam Sandler

"And now, the sever beating of a high school bus driver."

(Kids getting on the bus)
"How are ya, Bryan?"
"Good morning, Lisa."
"Good to see ya, Tommy!"
"Hey, good morning, Cyle! Nice new backpack!"
"Watch your step now, Joseph."

"Uhh, young man. Can I help you? Can I see your bus pass, please?"
(Beating sounds)
"Sir, please!"
(Beating sounds)
"I drive with that hand!"
(Beating sounds)
"Children! Call for help!"
(Beating sounds)
"Holy geez, no!"
(Beating sounds)
"That's me! Oh yes, oh!"
(Beating sounds)
(Final crack, horn sounding)

Lyrics was added by Maribel

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They're all gonna lauhg at you

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