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Kak Pop Sivoldai v Lesu Zabludilsya - lyrics

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Once the fat priest Sivolday
Got lost in a dark forest.
He yelled, bawled,
Said bad words and prayed to god.
As soon as he sat on a stump,
Knotty paws grabbed his neck.
With laughter and farts, they carried him
Through the thick slash to the goatrolls dwelling
Sivolday started yelling,
But hits with a club chilled him.
Bonfires were flaming up,
Spakles were flying to the sky and stars wee shining
The poor priest started to sob,
Awaiting for heralds of death in his visions,
Then he was pulled to the fire by his heel.
He yelled "Step back, you demons!"
"Why are you yelling, idiot?
It doesn't matter - to the spit! We'll grill you now!
After that we'll dance on your cassock
And impale your head on a stake!"
Let the daring song burst out!
Let the heady beer flow as a river!
Everyone's merry - youth and oldies!
Mountains shake because of the spirited dance!

Lyrics was added by Agrippo