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Thunder rolls in the distance,
It is not a thunderstorm - sky is clear,
Air is imbued with resin,
And sun burns
The cauldron of sea boils,
Cliffs moan under the rush of waves,
Wind from the north brings
Storm and death
Hammer crushes the silence,
Incandescent metal sizzles with anger,
With a furious roar, from the hot breast
Fire strives
Eh, flame strives to burn my eyes,
But all that is for nothing,
Strike after strike, and Earth echoes
To the ferocious master
Hand stroke, hammer fell
On the steel, boiling with gold
You all got wet, you're tired,
But the miracle of metal craft charmes you,
Doesn't let you to leave the bellows,
That were brought to you as a gift from Perun,
And the work is in full swing till the morning,
So the strike turns into steel.
"I'll forge myself an axe,
An axe that won't know about mercy,
Re-forge in the breath of death
The dance of fire,
Eh, sleep conquers me now,
I hadn't slept for nine days and nights"
As soon as he said that,
He fell down...
Battle is at its height, heads roll,
Swords jingle, javelins and arrows whine,
Only the blacksmith during all the daring fight
Was snoring on the floor of his forge...

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