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Вьюга / Vjuga - lyrics

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"Snow covers my eyes,
Winstorm howls in the night as a fierce beast.
Cold chained my hands,
I will never see the day anymore.
Fear carves my heart with a knife,
Somewhere in the distance wolves howl in an evil
Fury. Smelling the fresh blood,
They rushed after my steps.
Eh, I'm fuckin' tired to walk,
And I can't see any crap in front.
Only the white abyss roars,
While hardly bending...
Eh, and my bag is so heavy,
What could my wife put there?
In a rabbit's fell lies a good bottle,
Full of wine
How long does it remains for me to live?
Soon I will know the answer...
Anyway, I'll get drunk after all,
If I have to die - then I'll die drunk!
With ardent booze I'll dilute
Death and my soul,
Drive away my sadness and anxiety,
Meet the grey one while being intoxicated!
Eh, the booze was really strong,
It warmed all my innards in a moment,
But now my legs don't want to walk,
What the damn?
OK, I'll sit and take a rest,
Dream for an hour before my death"
It was said - so it is done, he fell down from a snowdrift and started to snore.
Hey, you, windstorm, native mother,
Don't leave the poor fellow in trouble,
Drive away the fierce beast,
Let him ramble.
Sever the smell of human blood,
Rise your blanket up from the ground,
Let the fierce howl contunie,
Hide the drunken viking.
Beasts quickly sensed the fear,
So, while roaring, they rush to the smell,
Eyes and jaws are staind with blood,
Hunger tears to pieces from inside.
But the human smell has disappeared,
Beasts rushed about for a long time around,
Being drained of fury till the morning,
Roaring with anger

8. Пивовар / Beer-Brewer
Day awakes in the moon haze,
Land gets wet with the sweet dew,
First ray of sun touches the firs,
Grass is as a soft carpet under legs.
Frol awakes with a harsh hangover:
"Eh, my head is like a bell!
I have to find a cauldron as big as I can,
And some hop and malt"
Bonfire flames up on the edge of the forest,
Water bolis in a copper cauldron,
And people gather around the bonfire
Eh, there will be a great party!
"I should drink water in plenty,
But I can't control my will now
Again the heady smell is in the air,
My free drunken life!"
Sea strikes the rocks with waves,
Wind got stuck in the pines.
Frol roughly pours beer into the throat,
Suddenly he seemed to see the Horned One:
"Hey, let's go quickly to the forest,
You're awaited there for long,
Leshy, Likho and Mrakobes
Have made the strong wine"

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