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Sorrows fall upon her where she lays
She slumbers still and silent
Her spirit fated to sleep through many days.
Those days turn into night and nights turn into day
And all the while our precious time is slipping away.
Through she sleeps through a thousand years and
As we watch her slumber the
Oceans pour from the skies.
The sun sets and the heavens turn to darkness
Our hope fades with the light
Ana eternity is passing right before our eyes
As she sleeps into and unending night.
We've watched as angels fall
And heavens turn to dust and drift away.
While all that we can do is wait
and keep the vigil through the days
And as she drifts away
We must live on through the years
Awakened to the tragedies of life.
And as her spirit fades
Until only memories remain
But we will remember
To the end of days.

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