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Big Girls Cry - lyrics

Pouting cat
Speak no evil
Punching hand
Wave left, wave right
Lips, grimmace
Sassy lady
Point, thumb
Whale, swim away
I mumble so that you don’t realize I got no ideas
I’m using emojis to make this girl look lonely
Massage head
Eyes look
Cherry blossom
Monkey, monkey
Right into swimming dolphin
Speak no evil so violently
Up up up to your antsy feet
Dancing feet, wait, shit I can’t breathe
Dizzy face
Heart pulse, heart beat, heart beat
System update
System update
System update
System update
System update
System update
Reboot now it’s politically correct
Fist punch in mouth
Then crying face cat
Astonished, confused
Steal nose, punch it back in place
Weary, spotlight uncertain of your fate
Uh, oh, here comes another update
With Emoji’s of Sia’s real face
Oh, Big deal, I am old, Adele’s fat, and nobody gives a shit.

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