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Shake It Off - lyrics

Your boyfriend is so gay
Why's he with you anyway
That’s what people say
Damn he's really really gay
You're so ugly and so fake
Piggy nose and chubby legs
You look fat, your friends are lame
Suck a dick and go away
But I keep filming
Vids suck, please stop, kill me
Dislike, I unsubbed, you're sick
Go to hell, climb back in your mamas VAG
Um, your boyfriend's really gay gay gay
And your friends are really lame lame lame
Dumb hoe
You are really fake fake fake
Take it off, take if off
And you treat your dog like shit shit shit
And your gram has real nice tits tits tits
Lisbug you should really quit quit quit
Take it off, take it off
Take it off, take it off
You look rough, you look rough
Your man ain't tough, man ain't tough
I've seen enough, seen enough
Hey girl hey, just think
While you've been watching this vid about the comments and the dirty dirty things people say, 50 more a-holes are typing these sick things
This *** here loves to *** a ***
It's like oh my God
She just *** him for the views
And the ***
And ***
And ***
And ***
And ***
Eat sh***
But I think your vids are great great great
Lisbug you sure make my day day day
I love you, you are my bae bae bae
What’s a bae? What’s a bae?
You're my fav, don't ever change change change
You're my top Youtube page page page
Lisbug! Shisa is my bae bae bae
What’s a bae? What’s a bae?
What’s a bae? What’s a bae?
Shane's not gay, Shane's not gay
Your gram is bae, gram is bae
Marry me, marry me
Your friends are great, friends are great
Your mama slays, mama slays
Puppy love for days, love for days
You're my bae, you're my bae
Your man is straight, man is straight
You're my bae, you're my bae
Kill yourself, kill yourself

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