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Wrecking Ball - lyrics

I’m having a really bad day
No one better fuck with me
I stepped on dog poop
Then my mom sextexted me accidentally
Maybe some TV will help relax me
Come on pretty girls lie to me
But then the DVR says that it is gone
Opps, my bad. I’m sorry.
I needed room for Cupcake Wars.
I’m gonna kick you in the balls
I don’t give any fucks at all
If anyone pisses me off
They’re gonna get a kick to the balls
Hey look, it’s the pizza man
You’re 30 minutes late again
Oh hey, Mr. Mail man
No more junk or I’ll kick in you in yours
Oh yeah, I wanna kick more
I’ll kick my ex-boyfriends
The cop who gave me a ticket
And my pervy pool man
The stylist who fucked up my bangs
I’ll kick any guy in my way
Don’t care if they’re black, white, crippled or gay
This foot don’t discriminate
But what happens if I run out of douchey guys
How will I get relief then?
Excuse me, you’re in my parking spot!
Oh my goodness I’m so sorry.
Fucking blond!
Oh, I’m gonna punch you in the tits
Bitches better watch out for my fist
Hey, ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend
I’m gonna punch you right in the tits
The chick who stole my parking spot
Cut me in line at the coffee shop
I don’t care if you’re just a kid
You’re gonna get punched in the tits
I don’t want your cookies
Go cry to your mommy!
Lisa what are you doing? You’re totally out of control!
But it feels so good!
It does feel good!

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