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That Ain T Right - lyrics

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That aint right (that aint right)
He aint messin with a G no more
Cause Im on my grind
And you said its either or
Comin late at night
And you fussin when I walk in the door
And that aint nice
Girl you make me wanna leave fo sho
I´m in the studio laying out tracks
My girl keep trippin off that
Blowin up my phone like wher I´m at
Ooh oh ooh ooh oh ooh
She said she one more time
But baby I´m on my grind
I´m tryin to get my shine
And I feel like you holdin me back
[Hook x2]
Man I like the way you treat me girl
Sit down lets talk lemme reason girl
I kno I be deceivin ya girl
cuz I really wanna hold ya down
Now she messin wit a Cat
Cuz I´m grindin chasin these stacks
Say she gon´ leave and never come back
Ooh oh ooh ooh oh ooh
Baby I´m not gonna lie
I think you wastin my Time
I tryin to get my shine and I feel like you holdin me back
[Hook x2]
You make me wanna leeave and get awaaay
But music is what I breeathe so babyyy
Stop stressing meee this is what I doo
Baby let me bee or I can´t be wit Youuu
[Hook x2]

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