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Self Insurrection - lyrics

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You created the world of evil and locked it away
Have written volumes to trap us all
Among blank white pages, quenched with burning fire
You´ve handed them around
Statues that you´ve carved in countless forms and shapes
Yet with a common goal - inknown to even yourself
You´re just as confused as are we
Swallowed and blown by the wind
You taught us to despise, to love and to believe
Of dust and of filth I have created myself
A fool trapped within solid walls
I spoke to you without sense or significance
Hammered on the wall, left to cover it with questions
compelled to listen to the stillness
I wanted to know the truth, I wanteed to hunt you down
Disgrace and destroy you
Despairing and craving I have walked down the centuries
Have seen the statues of thousand shapes and asked
with a numb look and a stiff upper lip
Minding their task given by the king
I got the answer in an inhuman voice
Leave, do not ask and leave
So I´m leaving you, I am leaving your path
And we in turn are leaving you

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