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I'm not afraid of anything, nor pain
Washing away all truth flowing on me
Now, I cannot resound the way I did..
I'm not afraid of silence, if only knew,
Fail is only tide on a way you don't need
Now, I cannot re-sound the way I did..
I'm not retreating under you
But you're falling under
I'm not revealing all the truth,
Cause we're all wrong!
I'm not afraid of these walls of eternal bound
Fear to relieve you
And warmth deeper inside is awake!
Now, I cannot re-sound the way I did..
I'm not retreating...
See, the darkness, an unforgiveness I'm in
The world's got to open up for higher dreams
And all's infiltrating slowly into me,
And everything's getting deeper!
Here, the falling is never reason to grieve
And all of the pain to come won't make me weep
I've learned to regret for things I never did
But never for choices taken!

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