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There is no escape, no time left to act
There is no compassion, just my own will
Disillusioned by fear and guilt
Chained to my passion, bounded forever...
There's no compassion, no rational way anymore
No hope left for me, can't stand on my own
No one can salvage my scarred soul...
Find a way to open up and change
Find a way to love me
Find a way to break out and let it go
Find a way to help me!
How can I help you, when I'm not here for me
How can I let you go away?
I feel so betrayed, so scared to live
We are enslaved to our helpless mind...
I'm still standing, not understanding at all
What if you go? There's so much to hide
Get me along with nothing
But a helpless mind!
Find a way to save me
Find a way to show me which way to go
Find the way to help me!
Find a way to open up and change...
What if you go? So much to hide
Help me define my helpless mind!

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